Mugdha Godse and MithunMugdha Godse is doing very well in her professional life. Her film, Jail is about to release. However, her personal life is not that good. She has broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Mithun Purandare, who is a model and aspiring actor.

It can be recalled that Mugdha and Mithun first met in 2003 during the shoot of a music video, which was being directed by ace photographer Jagdish Mali. Cupid struck when the two got several modelling assignments together. Mithun was completely smitten by Mugdha. He was on cloud nine when Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion, which marked Mugdha’s entry in Bollywood, hit the theatres last year. It is believed that he had even booked an entire theatre so that he could organise a private screening of Fashion for Mugdha’s family, relatives and close friends.

But things changed by the time Bhandarkar went on the floors with another Mugdha starrer, Jail. Things started going wrong early this year when the couple realised that they had completely different tastes. However, they soon buried the hatchet and decided to give their relationship another shot.

“By then, too much water had flown under the bridge. They just couldn’t work things out,” revealed a close hand.

The close hand added, “Mugdha and Mithun are still friends and wish well for each other.”

Mugdha said, “Things are different now. Mithun and I are not together any longer. I am single now. Both, Mithun and I, were very young then (when their relationship started). As two people grow up, they might realise that they are not meant to be together as a couple but are better off as friends.”

Source: IANS

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