It seems to be the next obvious step these days for most actors. After a successful run as an actor, many of them also like to dip their fingers into the business by turning producers. Of course, generally, it’s been the men who have done that so far. But that may soon change if the reports one hears about Katrina Kaif turning producer are true. The actress who has been successfully romancing the box office as an actress would now like to woo the audiences as a producer as well.

Katrina Kaif and SRK

According to sources, Katrina, surely one of the most successful heroines of the day, is believed to be planning to produce a movie. The actress seems to be quite keen on turning a producer and starring in her own film. In fact, the actress is believed to have also narrowed down on a romantic subject and wants to rope in none other than Shah Rukh Khan, to play the leading man opposite her. The actress, who is known to be very close to Salman, is believed to have broken up with him and is believed to have been building bridges with SRK. She has taken part in stage shows organized by SRK. In fact, she participated in one last year, immediately after the famous SRK Salman fracas on her birthday. The actress has tried to create a distance between herself and Salman as she obviously did not want to jeopardize her career. Incidentally, despite the so called romance between them, the Katrina Sallu jodi has never really taken off in films, unlike the Akshay Kumar Katrina pair or even the recent Ranbir Katrina pair. Anyway, the actress, who is now on friendly terms with SRK, is very keen that he plays the romantic lead opposite her in her production. Like all his fans, even Katrina believes, that when it comes to romance, SRK is the best. She is also believed to have narrowed down on a subject, which is said to be a French film. She would also like to line up something with her favourite co star Akshay.

Source: Movie Talkies

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