Kamal KhanKamaal Khan, who had earlier misbehaved and abused Rohit Verma and subsequently, was thrown out of the house. But now he has returned to the house, apparently as a wild card entry. However, it is believed that he has paid a huge sum of money to get back in to the house.

We got in touch with Saif from Colors who refused Kamaal Khan paying any money to get back in ‘Bigg Boss’.

Saif said, “KRK has not given any money to get into the house. I cannot speak anything more on this.”

There is also a buzz that Khan has been asked by the channel to deliberately mislead ‘Bigg Boss’ housemates and viewers into believing he’s making a wildcard entry.

A close hand reveals, “In reality Khan entered the reality show on Thursday as a mere visitor. But by making the housemates think he’s a wildcard entry the channel wants to provoke the housemates and create a bitter drama. On Sunday it’d be revealed that Kamal Khan is not a contestant at all any more, and not eligible to win ‘Bigg Boss’.”

Let’s just wait and watch.

Source: IANS

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