Now before you raise your eyebrows, we want to say we too think it is next to impossible! Gossip mills are busy churning out stories that Aishwarya, who had a heated breakup from Salman years back, will be coming together with Salman for a film.

Aishwarya and Salman

But we tell you that the two will not be next to each other in person. It is just that a film is being planned. Filmmaker Javed Khan has decided to portray their real-life love on-screen through a film. The film is titled Ajab Hai Ishq. Interesting? Now the bigger news is that, according to the buzz, the lead role would be played by Salman himself.

Phew! I have my doubts. Wonder what Aishwarya has to say to Ajab Hai Ishq!

Source: IANS

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