3 IdiotsFor quite sometime now, Aamir Khan is doing his best as far as the promotion or marketing of his films is concerned. But this time, Aamir has stunned one and all by his recent act whereby the actor was caught in a ladies loo at a cinema hall, where he was supposedly trying to woo his female fans, perhaps for ‘3 Idiots’!

His most recent ‘weird’ act was apparently to get all eyes on him once again, as ‘3 Idiots’ is all set for release this Christmas. This time, Aamir clear agenda is to woo his female fans. As they say; ladies connect to each other in the loo, and that’s the place where all the female conversations and gossips are at the peak. So, keeping all of that in mind, Aamir too decided to connect with his female fans in the ladies loo!

And on top of that, even the posters of ‘3 Idiots’ have found a place inside each of the toilets!

So, the next time you feel like catching a movie, don’t forget to check the loo…well only the ladies have a chance to meet him this time!

Source: IANS

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