We are waiting to see them together in 3 Idiots but it seems like, Aamir has already made up his mind. Apparently, Mr. Perfectionist was so impressed by Kareena’s performance that he wants to make a full fledged romantic film with her.

Aamir and Kareena

Speaking about Aamir, Kareena says: “Aamir is a cinematic genius. We must do at least one more film together, very soon. Aamir takes a long time to make up his mind about projects. I keep telling him that by the time he decides to make this romantic film with me, my niece Samaira will be ready for stardom.’’

She also confessed that she’s convincing him to direct their second film. When asked about Kareena, this is what Aamir had to say… “One can look at her all day and not feel tired.”

Speaking about the film, he said: He said, “Bebo has been asking me to direct her in a romantic film… and I am definitely contemplating it.” However, he also said that he wants to concentrate on 3 Idiots for now.

Source: IANS

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