Sushmita SenShe recently made an appearance in David Dhawan’s Do Knot Disturb after a long time. Also, 2009 did not good to her with a flop like Karma aur Holi. Despite of the lull in her career, when asked of what kept her away from silver screen for so long, she says: “I am basically a very busy person. I am just the sort of person who is constantly delving into different things and wetting my palms to see what all interests me and I have been mostly outside the country shooting for my films.”

“I have also been keeping busy with the dubs and promotion of my films. I have also been working around my other companies so that I could have a very fulfilling year,” she added.

Well, with the way her career is shaping, we aren’t quite sure if she means all she said!

Source: IANS

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