The fact that ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna’ is a flop film is no news. However, the smoking hot news is that Salman is very upset with bro Sohail Khan, the creative producer of the film to allow such a disaster to happen.

Sohail Khan and Salman Khan

Reportedly, an infuriated Salman called over his brother Sohail (the film’s producer) and director Prem Soni to his home and asked them to explain the reason for the debacle. Soon the meeting escalated into a full-scale argument between him and Sohail. So much so, that their dad Salim Khan had to intervene to sort it out. Oops!

Though Salman is very attached to his brothers and family, he feels he needs to do better films now and Sohail should have had more control over the script and editing. Salman also expressed concern over the next three films being made under his home banner – brother Arbaaz’s ‘Dabang’, Atul and Alvira Agnihotri’s next which was being directed by Prem Soni and the sequel of ‘Partner’.

After the super success of ‘Wanted’, Salman Khan’s position is in danger if he continues to work in his home banners. It’s high time for apna generous Sallu bhai to start thinking about himself more! What say?

Source: IANS

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