Ranbir and ShazahnIn this day and age when Bollywood films are coming of age, one thing that has remain unchanged is the way Hindi films are promoted. For years we have witnessed rumour mills working overtime to churn out romantic link-ups of the films’ lead pair. And this time, Ranbir is linked to hot and sexy Shazahn Padamsee who makes her debut opposite the Kapoor lad in ‘Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year’.

So when we came across stories of Ranbir’s co-star and newcomer Shazahn Padamsee rubbishing reports of her going around with Ranbir and saying ‘we are just friends’, we did what we were supposed to – YAWN!

Whoever is trying hard to convey that Ranbir and all his female co-stars are an ‘item’ needs to give us a break!

Source: IANS

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