Rajesh Khanna is all set to be part of Bigg Boss 3. The actor will now be introduced as a wildcard entry in the show within the next two weeks. He was a strong contender when the channel was finalising the contestants a few days before the show was about to be aired. However, he wasn’t finalised because of uncertainty at that point of time.

Rajesh Khanna

A close hand reveals, “The main problem with Mr Khanna was he wanted permission to be allowed to drink within the house. We couldn’t allow him that.”

Now, with Kamaal R Khan’s inglorious booting-out on Wednesday, the channel is once again negotiating with Rajesh Khanna. This time Rajesh Khanna says he’s willing to give up on his hard drinks till he is inside the house because, apparently, he finds the friction, tension and drama on the show far more intoxicating than the drinks.

Source: IANS

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