It has been quite a while when two Bollywood stars, who dated each other came out in the open and did some mud slinging. The couple is question is Lara Dutta and Dino Morea, who are getting quite vocal about their break up. After being part of big films like ‘Blue’, it was only obvious for Lara not to be related in any ways with a not so successful Dino. So when someone asked Lara about their relationship she quipped” Just by going on two dates and a dinner does not make you a couple”.

Lara and Dino

On the other hand Dino got upset when he heard such a comment from Lara and said “What can I say now? I wonder what we shared all the while then?” Well guys everyone has break ups, we know now you guys are happy with your respective partners (Mahesh Bhupati and Nandita Mahtani) but you can definitely show a little respect for the relationship that was between you, lest the two of you are doing this to be in the news.

Source: Movie Talkies

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