Cute and sexy actress, Kangna Ranaut is reaching international heights now. The gal has always been a center of attraction when it comes to the men in her life and guess what… she has done it again!

Kangana Ranaut

Apparently, Kangna is seeing someone after her break-up with Adhyayan Suman. According to the reports he is a Spanish guy, Kintaro Mori. The name sounds familiar? Well, the guy happens to be the Kites fame- Barbara Mori’s brother.

A source reveals, “Kangna began bonding with Kintaro even when she was dating Adhyayan Suman. Her close friendship to Kintaro is said to be one of the major reasons for her and Suman’s breakup. The duo has been spotted all around the town- be it at dinner or at nightclubs.”

Source: IANS

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