Jiah KhanJiah Khan’s career may not be at an all time high, but her personal life is looking up. She is dating producer Bunty Walia’s younger brother, Jaspreet. Jiah and Jaspreet met through a common friend around four months ago, and clicked instantly.

A source said that Jiah and Jaspreet are madly in love. They tend to fight a lot too. It’s quite a passionate relationship. What’s so passionate about fights, Jiah? We don’t blame you for anything as the way you were chucked out of Chance Pe Dance you surely need refuge somewhere. We hope Jaspreet’s the man.

Tell the same to the source keeping us posted, he gets all-fiery. He rued that what if UTV is not doing any more films with Jiah after she was hurled out of Chance Pe Dance? Jiah is not in a hurry to sign more films. Right now, she is enjoying her time with Jaspreet. She is reading a few scripts as well.
When contacted, Jiah laughed off the rumours.

Source: IANS

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