Ranbir and Deepika on RampIf recent rumors and the almost public altercation the duo had at the intimate party of Shabina Khan are to be believed, the perfect couple of B Town may soon call it a day where their relationship is concerned.

Ranbir and Deepika have been dating for the past couple of years and were the picture of healthy puppy love until a certain beautiful Ms.Kaif entered the scene. She has done whatever she can to widen the rift between the two that started with the hot news of the sizzling chemistry between Katrina and Ranbir on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani. The dashing and debonair Ranbir chose to spend Valentine’s Day regaling his new “friend” catty Kat. But now Deepika is perplexed. From the sets of “Kartik Calling Kartik”is trickling in further damaging news that Deepika and Farhan Akhtar are bonding really well and that their dynamics is mind blowing. The culprit fingered for this damning rumor is Katrina. She landed up at the precise moment when Deepika and Farhan were shooting some intimate scenes and the lass with “ajab si adayein” in her eyes is sure that her rival started the brouhaha about the budding closeness between her and Farhan.

Ranbir has been linked to a number of other women over the years, but Deepika’s faith in her man has been unshaken. However, hurricane Katrina seems to have taken its toll. Even Ranbir must be realizing that their relationship is teetering on the precipice of doom for he was seen trying some serious damage control as he openly accepted that his mother, the glamorous Neetu Singh “likes Deepika a lot”!! We just hope Katrina was trying to extract revenge from Salman for going gaga over Asin on the sets of London Dreams, by floating controversies about her and Ranbir. Deepika and the Kapoor lad are made for each other. Kat is advised to go rub her pretty paws elsewhere. A certain Shahid Kapoor is very available. Moreover, Katrina is a self-proclaimed Bebo fan too. How very convenient!!!

Source: IANS

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