Bipasha Basu has been done out of her role as Abhishek Bachchan’s wife Mandodari in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan. This is reportedly after she had dress fittings, attended rehearsals, and was allotted 20 days of work in the film of which 12 were to be used exclusively for an exotic item number.

Bipasha Basu

It is believed that her track in the story was proving to be a bit too strong and disrupting the length of the film. Another take has it that she was also proving to be a threat to some of the other actresses in the film like Ash and Priya Mani.

A press release from Mani’s spokesperson explains that the filmmaker did not want to do any injustice to Bips’s role, but, at a later date, he will ensure that they work together.

To this, Bips responded, “I am sad but it’s better than having my role chopped or totally edited when lot of effort had gone to work out the role for this guest character.”

There’s no confirmation if Bips will be replaced or whether Mandodori’s role has been eliminated out of Raavan for good.

Source: IANS

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