Sonam Kapoor without makeupDirectors giving acting tips to their actors is quite common in the film industry and at times inevitable. After all, it is their duty to can the right shot. However, the matter turns ugly when actors start meddling with the director’s business. And this seems to be the case on the sets of Anil Kapoor’s forthcoming film Ayesha. From what appears as another cat fight in the industry, sources reveal that all’s not well between director Devika Bhagat and young starlet Sonam Kapoor.

Apparently, Sonam seems to be taking full advantage of the fact that Ayesha is her daddy dearest Anil Kapoor’s home production. The actress is being so bossy on the sets that it has started creating a rift between the director and her.

A source says that Sonam is quite a dictator on the sets of her film. So much so that she has started intruding in Devika’s work giving instructions on how to can the shots. Apparently, the fact that Devika is a debutante director is making the actress worry and as she has worked as an assistant director under the greta movie maker Sanjay Leela Bhasali she seems to be applying all her direction skills on Ayesha. The source adds that Sonam guides Devika where to shot, what to shoot, what kind of lighting to be used and even calls for a retake if she finds it necessary.

Sonam’s over intrusion also seems to be annoying co-star Abhay Deol, who has practically stopped all interactions with the unit members. The actor comes to the sets only when the scene has to be shot and leaves for his vanity right after that.

Source: Film Nirvana

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