Soha Ali Khan had made a huge fuss about her decision to not to kiss any hero on screen (what…she wanted to kiss them privately or what?). But here she is smooching her way with serial kisser Emraan Hashmi for Tum Mile! We are told that she did feel hesitant about the whole kiss-topic but finally did it. Wait…there’s more. She didn’t just do it once but twice over!

Soha Emraan Kiss

Sources say that Soha knew about one of the kiss scenes from the start. While during the narration she agreed to it, during the shoot she got chicken feet. After a whale of persuasion, Soha relented and got it done in one go. Quick action…eh? The director of the movie Kunal Deshmukh realised later that he needs one more to make their affair real (real?…Kunal you are listening right?). And after another persuasion episode, Soha did that too.

When Soha was asked to comment on her two kisses, she said that she had reservations about the kisses from the beginning itself. She relented for the first, as it was part of the script. But the second one took her off guard as it was not mentioned to her before. She was quick to maintain that it was a sweet, tame kiss and is shot in very good taste. It seems Emraan has won over Soha also with his kiss touch. After all, it was ‘good’ …right Soha?

Source: Film Nirvana

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