She said, “Shahid , tum bahut hi handsome lag rahe ho, Pata nai tum badti umar ke saath handsome hote ja rahe ho ya tumhari success ka ye new found glow hai, this is the best you’ve ever looked!”

Genelina D'souza

Later, Shahid talking about success said, “Success ke pehle hum log barbaad the!”

He shared his experiences, “I’m from a very middle-class background, I’ve gone through tough times when I had a bike but didn’t even have Rs 50 to put petrol in it. I got Rs 1 lakh for Ishq Vishq. After it became a hit, I signed my next film for Rs 35 lakh and got Rs 5 lakh as signing amount. I remember going home with the cheque of Rs 5 lakh and telling mum, ‘Mom, in three days, we will have Rs 5 lakh in our bank account!’ Life changed for me after Ishq Vishq.”

He did a mock-proposal for Farah, with a dialogue from DDLJ, “Senorita, aise bade bade sheher mein aisi chotti chotti baatein hoti rehti hain!”

Shahid appeared on the show with Jaane Tu.. actor Genelia. Farah joked, “You both have done an ad with famous stars, music video, a hit film, many flops and then a comeback … Both your career paths are very similar.. are you siblings?”

Genelia quickly retorted, “No, no, no, no … Bhai behen nahi hai.” At that, the actors shared a high-five!

Shahid gave away his favourite cap for auction on the show. When Farah asked “ Kya iss cap ne aapke sar ko chua hai?”, he replies,” bahut baar chua hai.” Having worn the cap several times, it’s his favourite, the actor revealed. Genelia gave away a sexy red dress!

Source: Times of India

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