The team of Prakash Jha’s political drama Rajniti is in good ‘shape’. We mean it, literally.

Ranbir and Katrina

Well, with cast as fitting and ‘fit’ as Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, what else do you expect, huh? The story is that the trio is getting along famously on the outdoor location in Bhopal. Well, firstly, after work hours there isn’t too much activity for the trio out there and the saving grace is that their trainer from Mumbai has accompanied them all the way. Yeah, Arjun, Ranbir and Katz have a common trainer and in the evenings they team up to work out together.

Apparently Arjun is the first to hit the gym, Ranbir follows quickly, and Katz, though she gets a wee-bit lazy at times, with double inspiration around, she slips into her running shoes and joins the boys. If you wanna be a part of the power-game (read: the filmi one only), you gotto be in shape, baby. So run baby, run…

Source: Times of India

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