Shahid and KareenaJab Shahid Kapoor met Kareena, she was a more established star and he was just a film old. He says he was realistic enough to be aware that this would become an issue for the couple.

“Itna reality check tha mujhe ki she was Raj Kapoor’s grand-daughter, her sister was Karisma Kapoor. I had danced behind Karisma in Dil to Pagal hai. I knew ki yeh tho issue hone wala hai … mujhe itni akal thi.”

Tere Mere Beach Mein host Farah asked if there were pressures on the relationship after his films flopped, “Lekin har flop ke baad, aur usmein kuch problem hiu … ”

Shahid interrupted, “She had become my support system, yaar. I think emotionally she had become my support system to aisa koi chance nahin tha … yeh life mein real cheezein toh relationships hi hoti hain, success failure sab kab aata hai, kab jaata hai pata bhi nahin chalta hai. Relationships aisi cheez hai, they stand by you with time so you have to give priority to your relationship.”

Source: Times of India

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