Bollywood hunk John Abraham, who is famous for his passion for biking, has no desire to settle down soon as the actor believes that he is already married to his bikes.

John Abraham

Abraham says that he will think about marrying a girl only after he adds four more bikes to his collection.

“I love motorcycles, I am married to them and I have had a honeymoon period with them. I don’t let anyone sit on my
bikes or touch them,” the actor said.

The 36-year-old actor is so protective of his bikes that even his girlfriend of seven years actress Bipasha Basu doesn’t like to sit on them.

“Bipasha doesn’t like sitting behind me on bikes as I keep complaining about the bike getting scratched or damaged,” said the actor, who has been chosen the brand ambassador for Yamaha Motor in India.

The actor, who made a whole new statement in Bollywood with his biking acts in action-oriented movie like Dhoom, was in the capital to launch new bike models from Yamaha.

Abraham also recalled his first encounter with a bike.

“I first saw my brother’s bike when I was a 11-year-old kid. I fell in love with it right then, but my brother never
let me touch his bike,” said the actor.

He also urged enthusiasts to go for safe biking and take precautionary measures.

“I have had many bike accidents and in a busy city one has to be very careful while riding. I use different helmets for different days as they are important for your safety,” the actor said.

Source: NDTV

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