If you thought that the word war between the Khans was over, we are sorry to inform you that you’re wrong. The rivalry between Aamir and Shah Rukh still prevails after what happened recently.

Aamir Khan and SRK

On Sunday night Aamir Khan returned to Mumbai after a relaxing holiday with his wifey in France. A source says, “When Aamir walked in late on Sunday night, he was approached for an interview by a TV reporter. Since Aamir had returned from France, the reporter wanted to know whether, he too, like SRK, was stopped at international airports and interrogated for being a Khan. That’s when Aamir retorted that such checks are a routine matter. He also added tongue-in-cheek that, ‘No one checks me as I am an idiot’, obviously referring to his forthcoming film, 3 Idiots. Then he went on to add that SRK had a problem as he is very intelligent. Aamir’s obvious reference means that the fuss created by SRK about being stopped at the airports was a mere publicity stunt. Now it remains to be seen when SRK will respond.”

Just yesterday we gave out the news that the two rival Khans might share screen space in Danny Boyle’s next. But, if Aamir would continue picking on SRK at every given opportunity, this seems like a dream to all of us. Ironically, even Salman had a similar take on SRK’s detention at the US airport.

Source: IANS

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