Vishal BhardwajKaminey is finally at the verge of release and there it goes again with a controversy. This time the leading actor, Shahid Kapur and director, Vishal Bharadwaj are on the hot seat. Reportedly, Bharadwaj is recently picking on the actor with regards to pokey and interfering attitude for the promotions of the film. Allegedly, a heated discussion between the duo regarding the same, lead to a close fist-fight too!

A source said, “Shahid had come down to the office for a meeting with the director last week and it wasn’t long before an argument broke out between them … Neither was in the mood to back down and it wasn’t long before the screaming men grabbed each others’ collars. It was at this point that people in Bhardwaj’s office intervened and separated the pair.”

Though the director remained unavailable for the comment, the people within the UTV camp in some prominent positions claim that, “Shahid is acting as if he is a Shah Rukh Khan or an Aamir Khan. He wants to do things in a perfectionist manner but he is going so wrong with his whole approach. It is very obvious when he meets Vishal that something is not right between the two the cold vibe is very apparent. But he need to work together and make the film a huge success rather than pulling such stunts which will hamper the film’s prospects at the box office.”

Source: IANS

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