Saif Ali Khan’s Love Aaj Kal is doing great business at the box office. However, Saif is not that happy. The actor-turned-producer says he finds a huge change in him.

Shahid and Saif

Saif said, “My film has already worked. I don’t want to sound false, but now I realise that in the past I might have made an irresponsible comment of having been offered a role in Kaminey. But the fact is, I was not. Vishal (Bhardwaj) had just mentioned the film to me. I don’t want it to be a personal battle any longer. We are all not friends for obvious reasons but I do think Vishal is a fantastic director. I have only heard good things about Shahid, from others and also from Kareena. He is a strong boy. I have learnt early in life that one cannot benefit from someone else’s failure.”

The actor further added, “When Kunal Kapoor or any other director I have worked with didn’t repeat me, there was a sense of insecurity. In the 18 years of my career, I have gone through angst. But now it doesn’t matter. Like when Siddharth (Anand) opted for Ranbir Kapoor in his next film, I no longer felt bad, probably because I was successful doing my own production. I had the confidence to wish him best.”

Saif also finds a major change in his life. “I’ve become more Buddhist in my approach to my career. I realise that if I am doing well now, it’s only a part of the cycle. This is transitory,” he said.

Source: IANS

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