Rakhi Sawant Marriage‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ started with much glitz and glamour as a reality show on national television, but speculations were rife if the lady will actually marry or not. August 2, 2009 is the d-day for Rakhi’s wedding but the item-girl lets the cat out of the bag.

“I am choosing my bridegroom and getting engaged on Sunday, but will not get married,” she claims. “I need to know the person well and I can’t gamble with my life for the sake of entertainment”, adds the fiery lady.

In Rakhi’s words, “Swayamvar means choosing your life partner and that’s what I will do. Engagement is like half getting married. All the three prospective grooms have requested me for 6-12 months time to be financially independent — buy a car, house and give me the kind of lifestyle I am used to. They don’t want to be called another Abhishek Awasti. Abhishek mere ghar pe hi reh raha tha (Abhishek was living at my house). It is better to understand each other rather than hastily get married and then get divorced.”

For Rakhi Sawant it was a hard decision to make but she dared to take her marriage to TV. Now she says, she won’t marry on August 2, instead will get engaged to the chosen one and will date the boy off cameras, before taking any decision.

Source: IANS

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