Rajeev KhandelwalThere’s a bad news for all you ladies… Rajeev Khandelwal has a girl friend! This Aamir sensation, who has now raked fame as the host of infamous reality show, Sach Ka Samna reveals about his love life.

In one of the interviews, the actor poured his heart out about his girlfriend Manjiri Kamtikar. “My girlfriend is a big fan of Moment of Truth (the international version of the show) and for me, living up to her expectations was a big challenge. She loves the show and that was really a relief for me to know. I was waiting for her reaction because what close people think of you is genuine. I’m happy she likes me as a host and my show,” says Rajeev.

And how does she react to him casually flirting with girls on the show? “She sees the naughtiness in my eyes and calls me and says, ‘I see you are getting very bold, huh?’” Rajeev smirks.

The hottie seems pretty open and candid about his girlfriend. He surely loves her a lot thus, daringly speaks about her. “She is a very unassuming girl who is really clear in her head. She’s sorted out in life and very adjusting. The kind of profession I’m in, with no schedules and odd working hours, she has all the qualities I would love my girl to have,” blushes Rajeev.

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