It looks like pop sensation; Mika has decided not to cut off with his ex ‘kiss’ buddy, Rakhi Sawant. As we all know, just recently, Rakhi selected a perfect groom for herself through her reality show Rakhi ka Swayamvar. The seductress got engaged to Elesh Parujanwala on 2nd August, Sunday promising to tie the knot soon.

Mika ki Swayamvadu

The hot news is that Mika is now planning to follow Sawant’s footsteps by organizing his own Swayamvadhu on national television! For those who don’t know, this Punjabi munda had once proclaimed on a dance reality show that he’d soon come up with something like this but, no one took him seriously at that point of time. Although now we know his bitterness towards the drama queen isn’t fake. Reportedly, the show would be called Mika ki Swayamvadu- Season 1. As the name suggests, the show would have a following season too!

Mika and Brinda Parekh

Nevertheless, we know one thing for sure that Mika is striving really hard to prove himself better or at least not less than his kiss-and-tell rival, Rakhi Sawant.

We tired to get in touch with the maverick singer, but he was unavailable for comments, so in the interest of out surfers, we decided to go ahead and make this news online.

Source: Big Oye

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