Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif is a big name these days after all her films scooped bounties at the box-office. So having her in a film even if it’s for 8 minutes is a big deal for the makers. However, it seems the taste of guest appearance has turned sour for Katrina. She is presently fuming at the makers of Blue who are promoting her as a cast of the film when she just has a guest appearance in it.

Katrina said that she just did the cameo because Akshay Kumar had asked her to. When informed that she was paid well for her 8 minute appearance, Kat says candidly that its true that she is paid well for the cameo. But she asserts that it’s a small role. She opines that if the producers are promoting her name as a part of the cast then they are hurting their own image, as the audience would get a raw deal when they watch it. She reveals that even before her portion was canned she had made it perfectly clear that her name would be kept out of any promotional gimmick for Blue.
He says that she was promised that she would be kept out of Blue’s promotions but now that her name is cropping up every now and then with the film, she thinks its very unprofessional and unfortunate.

When asked, director of Blue Tony D’Souza said that there should be no confusion on this matter as right from the start it was clear that Katrina would be kept t out of Blue’s promotions. So there is no room for any chaos here, thereby dismissing Kat’s accusation that she was being used as a publicity stunt by the makers.

Source: Film Nirvana

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