Emraan Hashmi’s publicity stunt has fallen flat. Against his hope that the Khans will come out in his support when he raised his voice over communalism issue in Mumbai on being denied the NOC to purchase a flat in the posh Pali Hill area, he is being slammed instead of being celebrated by Muslim actors in Bollywood. After Salman rebuffed Hashmi’s claim, Shah Rukh brushed aside the issue stating that such incidents should not be given importance.

Emran Hasmi and Mahesh Bhatt

Shah Rukh, who is a Muslim but prefers to call himself a ‘secular Indian’, said, “I have never been treated differently because of my religion. I am 44 years old now and never in my life have I felt discriminated.”

Shah Rukh further stated that he cannot deny the existence of such incidents but added, “It is a one-off incident and should not be given too much importance. We are a fast growing nation and the reason for our development is the fact that we have overcome the barriers of religion, castes, class in our hearts and minds. We should not let these small incidents affect us.”

The actor was in New Delhi to conduct a quiz show organised by Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM).

Earlier, superstar Salman Khan laughed off Hashmi’s claim in his characteristic drawl, saying, “Emraan Hashmi would not have been Emraan Hashmi if Mumbai was not secular.” Salman Khan further said, “If communalism existed then Salman Khan would not have been Salman Khan, Aamir not Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh not Shah Rukh Khan. Injustice may have happened to others, but it has not happened to us. I have always got love and support from all quarters.”

Moreover, Nibbana, the Housing Society in the posh Pali Hill area of suburban Bandra in Mumbai, has also rubbished actor Emraan Hashmi`s allegation that he was denied NOC for flat ownership because he is a Muslim and said that proper procedures for acquiring the NOC had not been followed.

Society Secretary Capt J P Chhetry said that the actor with his baseless allegations and minority card rake-up had inflicted lot of damage on the society. “We will not take this lying down,” he said adding that the society is taking legal opinion.

He added that the incident was blown out of proportion as the flat has not yet been sold to the actor. “Last week, when the actor`s parents entered the society office when we were discussing this important matter demanding to know about the NOC status, I politely told them that the matter has been deferred and they had not made a formal application,” said Chhetry.

Source: Zee News

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