Chal Chalein Cast: Mithun Chakarborty, Rati Angnihotri and Lot of Kids; Director: Ujjwal Singh; Music:

Chal Chalein

Group of eight boys & girls. Group (gang) name is “Dashing Lads”. They are eleventh standard students. Playful, witty, yet rational. One of their friend Navneet (Priyesh Sagar) committed suicide because of his parents pressure (Rati Agnihotri & Kanwaljeet). He was interested in literature but his Father wants to see him as an engineer. All the friends are worried about the children who are committing suicide. They decided to do something to stop these types of suicides. They start the movement against parents & government… Lawyer Sanjay (Mithun Chakraborthy) helps these kids in their movement. Parents got angry. Anup Soni(lawyer) represent the parents at court. Government selected Nandita Prakash (Shilpa Shukla) as their lawyer. The whole nation supports the children. Chief justice of India appointed Justice Bharat Kumar (Mukesh Khanna) as a head of the bench. Now it’s the law who has to react.

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