Monica Bellucci was supposed to join Sanjay Suri for Jagmohan Mundhra’s now aborted bio-pic on Sonia Gandhi. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan couldn’t find dates to co-star with Will Smith and Michael Douglas in 9 Pounds and Racing With The Moon, respectively.

Monica Bellucci

John Abraham’s wish to pair with Rachel Weisz in Deepa Mehta’s Luna never went beyond a wish. Now it’s Bipasha Basu and Billy Zane’s togetherness that seems star-crossed.

Bipasha’s much-publicised psychological thriller Chimera with the Titanic and Phantom actor threatens to become a sinking disaster of another kind. The film, to be jointly directed by Daniel Silverman and Tapan Saha, was to start last week. The first long schedule was supposed to begin in Kodaikanal on July 23. However, there was no sign of either Bipasha or Billy on location. And the schedule had to be cancelled although both actors were booked to shoot from the appointed day.

Bipasha Basu in Hollywood

If reports are to be believed, Billy was on the way to India for his schedule when he was stopped short in his tracks because Baipsha had certain reservations about the project. The actress remains unavailable for comment. It seems she raised some questions about the film for which she got unconvincing answers.

So, Bips put her foot down. Nobody knows as yet what these reservations are but this is not her first aborted Bollywood-Hollywood merger. Remember, she was supposed to star with Ben Kingsley in a film on the Taj Mahal. What happened to that?

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