The beauty from South, Asin looks very worried these days. The actress just found out that her personal mailbox is hacked! The accused person not only sneaked into her account but also, changed her password. Asin learned this when recently she couldn’t access her account due to an invalid password. On consulting a technician, it was discovered that someone conveniently has hacked her account and is maybe using it for illicit purposes.

Asin with mike

Traumatised Asin says, “It was my official mail ID. The fan mails that used to come to my website also used to be directed there. I put up a warning on my website asking people not to mail on that ID.” She adds, “I have stopped mailing people, and I have decided to post my messages on the website itself.”

The Ghajini babe now refrains herself from using internet for e-mail purposes.

Source: IANS

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