Chetan HansrajThe infamous Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is definitely a daily dose of entertainment. Talking about the latest happenings in the ‘jungle’, Marc, Akashh and Chetan have included Kashmera in their gossip sessions.

Apparently, while Kash was trying to get some juicy details out of them, Marc and Akashh disclosed a small cute secret about Anaida.

Marc revealed how she has a soft corner for Chetan. According to him, Anaida likes only one guy from the camp which is Chetan. She ensures he has eaten and takes extra care of him. Marc also disclosed that during the jungle fashion show, Anaida had insisted that she stitch Chetan’s outfit. Chetan was embarrassed and said that he doesn’t have anything for Anaida.

Marc and Akashh agreed that Chetan is quite loving and loyal towards his wife. While Kash replied “Imagine kissing Anaida, it would be as good as kissing a cement slab”. The men couldn’t help but laugh!

Source: IANS

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