AgyaatCast: Nisha Kothari, Nitin Reddy, Ravi Kale, Ishrat Ali, Kali Prasad Mukherjee, Harvey Rosemeyer, Rasika Duggal, Joy Fernandes and Gautam Rode; Director: RGV; Rating: 2 out of 5.

Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Agyaat’ is as shoddy as the dead dummy publicity gimmick he deployed to publicise the flick. A disappointment to say the least, considering Ramu’s last year’s horror offering ‘Phoonk’ where even the otherwise innocuous crow had sent shivers down all our spines.

‘Agyaat’, on the other hand, is an insult to the scary genre it claims to belong to. The film is anything but frightening as it ends up mocking the audience intelligence owing to its sub-standard script, drab performances and sluggish direction.

Nitin and NishaSo, what does this one offer?
Well nothing new, to put it honestly. Overtly used plot line and the use of a jungle as the background to up the fear factor, falls flat as neither the story nor the setting are scary enough.

With several characters and forgettable dialogues, audiences are bound to feel trapped for watching this sans gusto flick as they endlessly wait for the chills. For this one has neither the chills nor thrills.

Even though every tactic that ranges from flesh flashing sprees, pelvic movements and dead dummy antics has been employed to attract audience to movie theaters, it a shallow marketing technique to rip the fans of their money.

StillAvoidable at all costs, the film revolves around a film crew that goes to the jungle to shoot a film. Needless to say that Priyanka Kothari plays the lead heroine of the film inside the film, but puts up an equally miserable act making us wonder as to when she plans to hang up her acting shoes?

As for the story, it goes like this: Out in the jungle to shoot a film, a film crew comprises of the Sharman (played by Gautam Rode), who is an uptight, fits-throwing protagonist in deep love cum lust with leading lady Aasha (played by Priyanka Kothari).

While these are touted to be the main characters, a South Indian producer Moorty (played by Ishrat Ali), an eccentric director JJ (Howard), who considers himself nothing short of Spielberg, a obedient spot boy Laxman (Ishtiyak Khan), the philosophical cameraman Shakky (Kali Prasad), a always shouting action director Rakka (Kale) are some of the many characters in the film.

Nitin Reddy and Priyanka KothariOn the sets of the film, the crewmembers decide to go for a camping trip in the jungle in a bid to relax their nerves. Guiding them here is an eccentric character Setu (Joy Fernandes), whose strangeness and quirky attitude is quite a mystery for the unit.

As all jungle nights involving youngsters, this one too has a bonfire night when a screeching sound disrupts the party. Setu goes on to find out more about it but doesn`t return. Fanatic the rest of the crew members go on to find him but they find his dead body.

Terrified by Setu`s death, all try to escape the jungle but expectedly their car meets with an accident. Thereafter, the story revolves around their efforts to get out of the jungle. But all attempts go futile as they start dying under mysterious circumstances.

Nisha Kothari at BeachTalking about the performances, they fail miserably to evoke any kind of fear among the audience. Priyanka Kothari is good as long she sticks to her routine dance and raunchy movements as for Rode there is still a long way to go.

Source: Spice Zee

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