Aamir Khan is a fitness advisor of sorts for actor Kunal Kapoor. It is learnt that Kunal has become a big fan of Aamir’s dedication to push his body to the hilt and develop an eight-pack that he did for Ghajini.

Aamir Khan - Fitness Guru

After hearing that Kunal has to bulk himself up and develop a similar body structure like Aamir for his forthcoming film Doga in which he plays the role of a famous superhero from an Indian comic book series, the actor has opened up his personal gym for Kunal so that he could train with his equipments.

Apparently, Aamir has also passed on his Ghajini diet chart and fitness regimen to the young actor so that he could train his body exactly like Aamir did.

A close hand reveals, “Kunal was bowled over by Aamir’s physique in Ghajini. Kunal is now doing a superhero movie where he is expected to show off his bare torso. Kunal thought getting a little help from Aamir would be great for him. Aamir has given him free access to his gym. Kunal also has the complete fitness chart which Aamir followed for his film.”

Kunal revealed, “I am using his gym. I needed a place that was equipped and empty, so his gym is just perfect.”

Source: IANS

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