Shahrukh Khan DirectorKaran Johar has claimed that his My Name is Khan star Shah Rukh Khan is ready to direct a film.

Johar said that Khan’s attention to detail and ability to empathise with different characters will enable him to make a smooth transition to life behind the camera.

The 39-year-old director told The Times of India: “Time and again I’m blown away by Shah Rukh. How can he think of so many things about his character when he has so much on his plate?

“He’s ready to direct a film any time. He will be outstanding at it. His understanding of human nature and emotions can never be matched by me.”

Johar also praised Khan’s co-star Kajol for juggling her family and professional commitments.

He said: “When we worked the last time she didn’t have a daughter. So of course she’s a different person. Today I find her calmer, more focused on her work than ever before.”

My Name is Khan is scheduled for release in February 2010.

Source: Times of India

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