After shooting in dense Sri Lankan jungles, Priyanka (Nisha) Kothari has convinced director Ram Gopal Varma to shoot the promotional videos of his latest “Agyaat” on safer and calmer locales like beaches.

Priyanka Kothari

Priyanka had a tough time shooting for “Agyaat” as Varma made her wear skimpy clothes. As a result, after the shoot in the jungle she would end up having bruises and scars across her arms, legs and abdomen as well as swellings.

Every evening after pack up, she would nurse her wounds. After they finished shooting, Priyanka promised herself that she would never go back to the jungle.

When Varma decided to shoot the two promotional songs with her in the jungle, she didn’t want to go back. She managed to convince him to shoot at a beach in Sri Lanka.

Varma gave in and shot the songs on the beach.

Source: IANS

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