Mallaika Sherawat on TwitterTrust Mallika Sherawat to take us by suprise every time! The sensational actress is now the first Indian star invited to visit Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California.

The sexy siren has a popular Bollywood presence on Twitter, a social networking site, via her page ‘@MallikaLA’. She is infact the ‘most-followed’ Bollywood celebrity on Twitter with more than 2500 fans keen on knowing what the sexy actress is upto.

Mallika will be visiting the Twitter headquarters on July 14 where she’ll greet fans, tour the Twitter office and give inspirational remarks to Twitter employees during their lunch break. Mallika Sherawat has been using the networking site to keep in touch with fans and document her experiences in Hollywood.

Sherawat, who since arriving in Hollywood has garnered awards, celebrity friends and even a Hollywood milkshake named after her, decided to join the Twittering class as a way to keep in touch with fans back home in India. “One of the hard things about spending time in the U.S. was being so far away from my fans in India,” she said. By “tweeting” her experiences in the States, Mallika says she “hopes to also further the connection between Hollywood and Bollywood.”

Mallika Sherawat’s upcoming film “Hissss”, directed by renowned Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch and co-starring Irrfan Khan is currently in post-production stage and is the first Bollywood film to be represented by a major Hollywood agency (William Morris Endeavor).

In October, Sherawat will begin production on a new film in which she will be playing a character inspired by San Francisco Attorney General Kamala Harris, known as the “Female Barack Obama” and one of the New York Times’ “most likely women to become the first female President of the United States.”

Source: IANS

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