Katrina Kaif in SareeRather than a mishap, wardrobe malfunction has become just another occurrence in Bollywood, which could be easily tackled. Katrina Kaif too fell prey to this casual approach when her saree badly clinged to her wet body till her knees exposing her legs during the shooting of De Dhana Dhan.

A source informed that Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif were shooting an intimate rain song which required Kat to wear a saree till her knee. But the wet saree shrunk to such an extent that a better part of Kat’s legs got exposed. Disappointed at such a malfunction, Priyadarshan directed the cameraman Pony Verma to shoot only close-ups to hide the problem.

But what shocks here is that none of the crewmembers were fazed by this incident not even Katrina Kaif herself. When asked what she has to say about the mishap, she casually dismissed the whole thing as just another folly that occurs on the sets of every film.

Source: Film Nirvana

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