This gal makes one helluva mommy, right? And she insists that her son is so much like her, we mean good-looking, of course.

John Abraham and Katrina Kaif

And you know that we’re talking strictly about her role ‘on screen’ (written in big and bold, alright). Katrina Kaif had no qualms about playing mommy on screen for the first time, in the movie New York (as long as she looked like a yummy-mummy, it didn’t matter), in fact; she was super excited that the choice of beta was so close to perfect. She tells us, “I think Kabir (the director) chose that boy because if you look at him, he’s got a very striking resemblance to me. Doesn’t he? Kabir saw about 500 kids, and then he saw this one and he told me that he’s found a child who looks like a mix of John and me. I didn’t believe him, but when I saw the child, I was quite surprised, because he did have some resemblance.” Well dear, you better watch what you say. We don’t think Sallu bhai will be too thrilled to hear of this new good-looking family. And with our dude Johnny Bravo playing papa… No way! Sallu, huffing and puffing already, huh?s

Source: Zoom TV

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