Hrithik Roshan has Susanne on his arms and we mean that literally. Out to end all speculation of a reported tiff between the couple, the actor has reportedly got his lady’s name engraved in bold letters to seal his love for his dainty wife. Sending the message loud and clear to all, the dishy actor seems to have taken a ‘saif’ route to prove his undying loyalty for his better half. Well, want to prove your undying devotion and love for your partner? Just get their name tattooed and they are never to question your level of commitment. Absurd as it may seem, Bollywood big daddies involved in murky controversies are increasingly taking on the tattoo means.

Hrithik Roshan and Wife Tattoo
And after Saif stunned us all with his daring act of getting his girl Kareena’s name tattooed on his arm Hrithik seems to have followed his league. According to the latest Bollywood news the actor had been planning to get his lady’s name engraved on him for long, but the plans never materialized.

Hrithik Roshan getting Tattoo

But after the Mori controversy hit the couple, Hrithik decided to take intense measures to end all buzz and went ahead and got the tattoo. A daily even quoted a source as saying, “Hrithik trusted no one but tattoo artist, Sameer Patange, who had earlier too done tattoos for him and Susanne. Hrithik got Susanne’s name tattooed while she is away in London with sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan. The actor is on his way to London and intends to give Susanne a surprise.”

Hrithik Tattoo

Confirming the news, Sameer Patange said, “Yes, Hrithik has got Susanne’s name tattooed on his wrist. We had discussed it earlier and he had asked me to work on an apt design when he and Susanne got a (six-point star) tattoo done from me a few months ago. Hrithik got the tattoo done while Susanne wasn’t in India. We had several meetings at his residence to finalise how the tattoo will look. I chose a font called Elvish, which is unique. Hrithik liked it a lot too. It was great to see how co-operative he was, carefully following all the instructions before and after the tattoo. He was like a child, extremely thrilled after the tattoo was done and couldn’t wait to show it to Susanne.”

Source: Zee News

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