Deepika Padukone is planning to organise a special screening of her upcoming film Love Aaj Kal. She plans to send invites to her beau, parents, close friends and everyone who’s close to the dame.

Saif romancing Deepika

She has strategically dropped Kareena Kapoor from the guest list.

Looks like a risky move considering that Bebo is quite important in the filmi circuit. But most importantly Deepika is all out to miff her own producer with this move. After all it’s his girl that Deepika is planning to ignore.

Director Imtiaz Ali wanted Deepika for the film, while producer Saif later confessed he regretted not having Bebo in the film.

Rubbing two B-town biggies the wrong way…hail daring Deepika!

Source: Hindustan Times

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