Ramdev BabaCelina Jaitley is a one angry young woman. And she has every reason to be. For all those who came in late, Baba Ramdev commented on Celina saying, “These actresses know nothing about Bhartiya sanskriti. They stay away from their parents and have no morals. Unke partner har mahine badalte hai. Jiske pas jitna gyan hota hai woh itna hi sach janta hai. Inka apna hi marg hai bus usme hi chal rahe hai.”

And now Celina hits back at Baba saying “How we blindly follow these self proclaimed ‘yogi’s’ who take teaching yoga so seriously that the think they have become the mentors of society?” She has many points to lash out about as Baba Ramdev has made defamatory comments about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

According to Baba Ramdev, choosing an alternate sexuality is like a viral infection. Celina is very angry at how Baba Ramdev thinks she supports their cause because her character is loose and she is a person who changes her partner every month.

Celina is also angry because he has spoken about her morality and how she doesn’t know anything about Bharatiya sanskriti. She says, “He thinks that I don’t know anything about Bharatiya sanskriti ..having been a Bharatiya sundari and a Bharatiya military’s 5th generation daughter.”

Source: IANS

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