The next time all you gossipmongers out there make merry over speculations concerning Aishwarya Rai, think again, for the Bachchan bahu is threatening legal action against all such reports that target her or her family. Breathing fire over false reports on her personal life, in a statement issued by her publicist, Ash has stated loud and clear that she intends to drag all those to court who speculate about her on unfounded reports.

Bachchan Family

Lashing out at a website that in an article titled “Career more important than family” stated that Aishwarya intends not to have children as she needs to stay in shape and her hubby is in consent with her stand. The website had also quoted the actress: “If I want to remain in the film industry then I need to stay fit.”

Issuing a statement, her publicists said, “Certain sections of the press have been behaving in a callous manner and have been putting together articles or pieces without any semblance of truth and furthermore they have been attributing quotes to the actor which are baseless and false. Previously our client preferred to remain silent to let better sense prevail be it the news when she was married off to a tree or otherwise. This silence should not be misconstrued as a weakness.”

“She is one actress who never made any statements that her marriage can wait and she will focus on her career. When she did, she got her family`s blessings and got married in the middle of a film and has been a thorough professional even after her wedding,” the statement said.

The statement further warned of legal action against all those who have been making such stories.

“This may be read and understood in no uncertain terms that hence forth we would be forced to take legal recourse in any such event of a piece or article appearing without any credibility or which is an absolute fabrication of one`s imagination… We must respect Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for her stand to remain silent on such baseless rumors but it would be wrong to use her name to further a personal cause or career”.

Well that should be considered a warning enough.

Source: Zee News

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