Asin and Sonam KapoorThere are truces and friendships starting up all over Bollywood. The most recent duo stepping on the friendship boat is Asin and Sonam Kapoor. After Salman decided to call it a truce with Shah Rukh, and Aishwarya became friends anew with Sonam Kapoor, this one is the new friendship doing the rounds as the grapevine suggests.

Both the actresses have been seen chatting and bonding at parties, and spending time at each other’s houses. Asin is a newcomer to Mumbai and she is glad to have found a friend in Sonam. She has also spoken freely about her kinship with Anil Kapoor’s daughter in a recent interview.

Sonam’s friendship is a stable base for Asin as she is also new in Bollywood and does not know the workings of the industry. Sonam’s father being an A-list actor, she has been involved in the glamorous world of Bollywood since a very young age. Asin truly believes that actresses can be friends and combat rivalry.

Asin was working on The 19th Step which appears to be shelved now as veteran actor Kamal Hassan has walked out on the project. She was seen working very hard for the role and was very angry about the cancellation of the movie for now. Looks like she will find a friendly shoulder to cry on with Sonam.

Source: IANS

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