Her Shortkut might not have worked out the way she wanted it to but Amrita Rao is not giving up. Her more sexy role in the film has now pulled Amrita up one notch in the list of glam girls Bollywood has in its arsenal – and we now check out the damage this baby can do!

Amrita Rao Hot new look

‘For me, monsoon is the perfect romantic season. It makes everything look so beautiful. This is the way I perceive it. They say that when you are in love, the same things around you look different. Similarly, the rain gives that extra life, that lustre, that green comes out, everything looks so freshly washed, there is freshness around and it’s beautiful. You feel very vibrant.’

Getting Cosy
‘I do want to get cosy with someone special. But I don’t have a boyfriend. I do so many romantic scenes with different actors all the time that I kind of experience the warmth, the hug and that cosiness. That’s what happens when you are an actress. You tend to experience emotions that you otherwise haven’t faced. It could also be very drastic or not so good or which brings tears to your eyes.’

Amrita Rao - Bollywood Item Girl

Perfect Man
‘The most attractive thing in a man is his voice because I think that most romantic relationships start off on the phone. That’s the time you are talking and hearing the voice on the other side that is attracting you towards him. You have to live with that sound and voice for your whole life. I’d like my perfect man to give me a perfect back massage. That’ll be sensuous, I’m sure because it does affect all your senses.’

Onscreen Kissing
‘I don’t believe in the phrase, ‘If the role demands’. All these things are decided in advance, much before you get into the commitment of your role and the film you’re going to do. There are whole lot of factors that decide my kissing scene or whether I wear a bikini in the film. It depends on what company I am with, like the banner, the director, the co-star, the music, who’s styling me, etc.’

Anil, Sanjay dancing with Amrita

‘I remember the first time I heard about ‘Sex’ was while I was in school. We used to have sex education classes. It was in a convent school. I was too shy to talk about it then or may be didn’t really understand the true meaning of the word. So I was just blank. I would be very shy about discussing such things with my parents or even tell them who my boyfriend is.’

Sex in films
‘I am sure that in a good couple of years, sex and nudity will be a part of our films too. Ours is a very shy society and our Hindi Film Industry is just a reflection of that. About fifteen years ago, Karisma Kapoor danced on a song which went, Sexy Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bole. Govinda too had a song which went, Meri Pant Bhi Sexy, Meri Shirt Bhi Sexy. Out of that, Karisma’s number created such a stir in the public that the word ‘sexy’ had to be replaced by ‘baby’. Today a Dev D is being made. The definition of sex and sexy has become more comfortable now. I see Bollywood getting there slowly but surely and it’ll be interesting how we do it.’

Sensual films
‘I’ve never seen any of the sensual films like Basic Instinct, Nine And A Half Weeks, etc. Also to add further, I’ve never seen a porn film. No X-rated films for me. But the one film I remember and can rename as a sensual classic is The Bridges of Madison County. It is the most romantic film I’ve ever seen.

Amrita Rao

Hot Photo Shoot
‘I would love to do a photo shoot on a couch or on a bed in sensual positions. That’ll look so tempting for the guys. Actually, I would love to do a photo shoot with an Indian or a western backless dress. It looks gracious. I love the backless outfit going deep down and touching your butt. That’s where it should end. That’s a perfect photo shoot or I would even want to grace it to some red carpet events.’

Books Magazines
‘I’ve never read a Playboy magazine because it is said to be a man’s magazine. I don’t want to see the sexy ladies in there because I am already sexy (laughs). Let’s get serious here. It may sound strange to you but a good piece of writing seduces me. Sidney Sheldon does that. His book, If Tomorrow Comes did have some erotic moments. I would also love to read the Kamasutra. I haven’t yet read it.


Source: India Fm

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