Hillary ClintonAamir Khan is about to add another feather to his cap. He has been chosen by the US consulate to share stage space with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at St Xavier’s today. Like Hillary, Aamir has been actively involved in the cause of education in the country through an initiative called Teach for India, a sub division of the NGO Akanksha.

For those of you who don’t know, Aamir has been spending one day every month of last year inspiring IIM and IIT students around the country to volunteer and take part in the cause, wherein they are expected to take a year off from their jobs and teach students at municipality schools in remote areas of the country.

Today, about 100-125 of these students will be addressed by both Hillary and Aamir, inspiring them to take this huge step at the cost of a fancy salary and one year corporate experience for the sake of educating the downtrodden of the country. It will be an interactive session where both Hillary and Aamir will be open to any kind of queries from students.

It is believed that even though Aamir was informed about this event well in advance, he was unaware of the exact venue of the place till last morning. The US consulate is so concerned about Hillary’s security during her one-day visit to Mumbai. Apparently, they have given strict instructions to Aamir not to breathe a word about this event to the media.

Source: Big Oye

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