Oh What am I hearing now?! The two warring Khans are together again and good friend Farah is responsible for bringing them together. After all the public display of anger at Katrina’s birthday bash, news of them coming together on a project seems not litte strange. But apparently Farah has made it possible.

Sallu and SRK

Farah, who spends more time judging reality shows these days is set to host a talk show which will feature Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in different episodes. Oh! Did I forget to mention that? Never mind.

A little birdie tells me, SRK will appear on the show along with his in-laws (Gauri’s parents) while Sallu bhai has committed to Farah to come on the show for the first time with his otherwise media shy mom Salma. Sounds interesting!

Source: IbnLive

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