A sex video featuring the look-alikes of Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif has reportedly surfaced in Canada.

Salman and Katrina

Going by the reports so far, the amateur video is doubtlessly a fake. It features a male and a female pretending to look like Salman and Katrina through their wigs and make-up. The couple indulges in hardcore sex in the video.

Moreover, an MMS clip from the same video is being circulated among youngsters.

Apparently, such fake videos are not uncommon in the underground porn clubs in the west. This particular video aims to cash in on the international popularity of Salman and Katrina by featuring their body doubles. The funny thing is that many gullible people actually fall for such fakes and believe them to be real.

Both Salman and Katrina have so far refrained from commenting on the fake porn video and quite understandably so. Many a self-respecting star would consider it beneath their dignity to even respond to such trash.

Source: Apun Ka Choice

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