Prabudeva and NayantaraEven one is in shock over the news that broke out first in Tollywood and has spread to the Kollywood media that Prabudeva and Nayantara have eloped and gotten married. This piece of rumour has left media, fans in shock!!

The closeness between Nayan and Prabudeva has been making rounds for quite sometime now and the buzz was that Prabudeva after the loss of his son, turned to Nayan for comfort. Currently Prabhu Deva is in a unknown placefor a Hindi project and Nayan is abroad for shooting. This has evoked more suspicion on this issue with rumours abuzz that Nayan and Prabudeva have tied the knot.

Recently its known that Nayantara tatooed Prabu on her arm(P in English and rabu in Tamil) in Hyderabad. Sources close to the actress say that “they may be in love, but marriage is not on the cards in the near future as they are both highly professional people who are concerned about their respective careers.” Both the actors were not reachable on their mobile phones which added fuel to the already burning fire.

Source: Joint Scene

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